Length : 98″ Width : 17”
Height : 24” Weight : 800 lbs.

16hp vanguard power plant or 24v permanet magnet motor
Hydrostatic drive for smooth operation and dynamic braking
Available in 7.5 or 7.25 gauge
Hydraulic and fuel tanks have drains and filters built in
Custom built wiring harness and fuse panel with extra lugs for later additions ( Unit specific)
Loud horn
CNC Steel wheels and axles one inch keyed and toqued on for easy removal
Sealed bearings
Bloomberg full sprung trucks
L.E.D. Lights ( very bright and low energy use )(optional)
Quiet exhaust system
We take pride in making our trains as quiet and vibration free as possible
Availible in primer or custom paint
Custom decals available
We are dedicated to making your train unique to you
We are open to any idea’s or options

Call or email with for any aditional questions


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March 29, 2016